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Hu Changchun, deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and Secretary of the Municipal Political and Legal Committee, and other leaders visited the company to investigate and guide the work

Source:Original  Release Time:2022-02-23

In the morning of February 23, 2022, Hu Changchun, Deputy Secretary of CPC Municipal Committee and Secretary of Municipal Political and Legal Committee, accompanied by Wang Zhiqiang, deputy Secretary of Tianyuan District Party Committee and Secretary of Political and Legal Committee of Tianyuan District Party Committee, visited the company to conduct research and guide the work during the visit and research activities of "Little Giant" enterprise.

       The research team visited the production workshop in the cold weather and learned about the company's core products, technological development and production and operation. Mr. Ding Jinsong, chairman of the board, reported the company's operation and development. Hu Changchun gave full affirmation to the development of the company, and asked the company to make efforts in the international market development, to achieve the new goal of earning foreign reputation through export.


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