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The company held flag-raising ceremony and other activities

Source:Original  Release Time:2022-02-14

       On February 8, 2022, the company held a flag-raising ceremony and a series of activities. 

       At 8:58, the flag-raising ceremony for the start of the New Year was held in the square in front of the comprehensive office building, accompanied by the magnificent national anthem, the bright five-star red flag and the company flag were raised, and the company leaders and all staffsalute to the national flag and company flag. After the ceremony, set off fireworks firecrackers, wishing the company a prosperous business in 2022, a wide range of financial resources into the future.


       At 9:30, the first general meeting of all staff in 2022 was held in the multimedia conference room on the fourth floor of the office building. Mr. Zhang Shangyang, General Manager, made a comprehensive arrangement on the work of 2022, and Mr. Ding Jinsong, Chairman of the board, made an important speech.