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The company holds an international "Women's Day" celebration event

Source:Original  Release Time:2024-04-24

        The 114th International Women's Day on March 8th has arrived as scheduled. At 10am on March 8th, the company's party branch, labor union, and administrative department organized a flower arrangement activity for all female employees in the multifunctional hall on the fourth floor of the office building, with the theme of "March Day of Fragrant Beauty, Flower Day".

        The activity kicked off in the fragrance of flowers. The floral artist taught us artistic flower arrangement techniques such as flower selection, maintenance, color matching, and styling, and also explained the flower language and blessings contained in various flowers. Under the guidance of the teacher, everyone conceptualizes the design, carefully selects, and matches and cuts according to different flower materials and colors.

       The event was surrounded by flowers, fragrant and filled with laughter, completely relaxing the mood, feeling the natural beauty of flowers and plants, and also feeling the deep care of the company. In the process of trimming and trimming, pots of exquisite and ingenious flower arrangements on the table are gradually completed, making people feel like they are in a sea of flowers, fragrant and refreshing. Everyone's faces are filled with happy and brilliant smiles.

      This event allowed female employees to enjoy the fun of flower arrangement art, cultivate their sentiments, relieve stress, and enhance team cohesion. In addition to busy work, they spent a warm, romantic, and meaningful holiday.


      At the end of the event, the company leaders extended their sincerest holiday wishes to the female employees, and also prepared gifts for each "goddess". I hope that all female employees will continue to carry forward the spirit of exploration and perseverance, and write a magnificent chapter for women in the new era with practical actions and greater dedication, contributing to the stable and rapid development of the company and achieving a beautiful and happy life for themselves.

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