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Hunan Kori Converter Co., Ltd. Holds the 2023 Annual Summary and Commendation Conference and Annual Meeting of the Company

Source:Original  Release Time:2024-04-24

On February 4, 2024, Hunan Kori Converter Co., Ltd. held a grand summary and commendation conference for the year 2023 and the company's annual meeting.

Work Review

All employees watched the company's the Year of the Dragon Spring Festival short film to recall and witness their highlights in the past year.

Mr. Zhang Shangyang, General Manager, presents a summary report on the annual work

General Manager Zhang Shangyang gave a comprehensive summary of the company's various work for the year 2023. He said that in the past year, we have gathered together and seized the opportunity to deliver a satisfactory transcript. Our main business has outperformed the market, emerging businesses have bravely ventured into the blue ocean, and the flower of core product innovation has produced fruitful results. The quality of enterprise operation and management level have reached a new level. In the new year, we are facing both challenges and opportunities. Although the road is long, the journey is approaching. We must unite as one, concentrate without distractions, contribute our wisdom and strength to achieve the company's various goals and plans, and strive for the beautiful prospects of Korui's transformation.

Award Presentation Session

Those who are not afraid of trekking high and long distances will surely be rewarded with extraordinary beauty in the mountains and rivers. Behind the numerous achievements of 2023 are the hard work and sweat of cultivation.

This commendation conference has 10 awards, including "advanced collective, excellent team leader, excellent staff, exemplary individual, dedication award, service satisfaction award, safety exemplary individual, excellent new talent award, excellent party member, patent award". The company has commended and rewarded the teams and individuals who performed outstanding work in 2023, and the leaders have issued honorary certificates, bonuses and group photos for the winners.

Mr. Ding Jinsong, Chairman of the Company, delivered an important speech

Chairman Mr. Ding Jinsong delivered a New Year's speech, stating that in this rapidly changing era, Korui Transformer has always maintained a fast and stable development pace, continuously explored and innovated, and achieved a series of remarkable results. An excellent management team and excellent employee team are not only the cornerstone of a company's steady progress, but also the driving force for the company to climb the peak of excellence together. At the same time, he emphasized that with strong winds and tides, one should set sail and break through the waves; The task is heavy and the road is long, and it is even more necessary to ride a horse and raise the whip. Looking ahead to 2024, we hope that everyone will embrace new challenges with more enthusiasm and firm beliefs, and work together to create a brilliant and beautiful future!

Excellent Performance

Gathering starlight and unlimited creativity, the employees of Kori contributed a visual and auditory feast to the party, fully showcasing the youthful vitality of Korui people and the positive, energetic, and united spirit of Kori transformation.

At the event site, the company also prepared seven exciting lucky draws for everyone, each unique prize representing a lucky gift and thoughtful preparation by the company. 

On this grand occasion, the glass of wine is full, and everyone raises their glasses together. Every reunion, warmth, and nostalgia turn into a glass of wine to accompany us. At this moment, the strong emotions poured into the wine, and we drank it all in one gulp. That night, joy was like a song, and we were intoxicated by it.

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