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The fraternity Endeavour Cup - Kori convertors 2021 basketball competition has come to a successful conclusion

Source:Original  Release Time:2021-11-10

        With the ringing whistle and enthusiastic cheers of the basketball court, the 2021 employee basketball match of the company came to a successful end on October 28.


         There are 4 teams participating in this basketball competition. During the whole competition, the teams follow the activity principle of "competition and hard work, competition and friendship" and play civilized games. The competition fully demonstrated the spirit of enterprising, unity and friendship and courageously striving for the first place of Kori staff. 


    After six games intense competition, organized by the production department, QC department, warehouse group B team win the championship, by the administration department, foreign trade department, research and development department of D team runner-up, by this contest aims to enrich the amateur cultural life of the worker, built for basketball fans a mutual exchange of learning platform, through the highly ornamental and team spirit of sports, Further enhance the cohesion and combat effectiveness of the company staff, to achieve the purpose of "competition skills, show style, undertake the mission, promote development".