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The party branch of the company organized the "Xiangwan community love supermarket to donate supplies" theme party day activities

Source:Original  Release Time:2021-08-03

        On the morning of September 28, 2021, the Party branch of the company organized some party members in the company to participate in the themed Party Day activity of "Donating materials to xiangwan Community Love Supermarket". Xiangwan community love supermarket was established in March 2019, is a connection between donors and recipients "love bridge", through the "new city volunteer" APP online registration to participate in volunteer activities for integral, offline points for supermarket goods are available, and at the same time a team has to flood prevention disease resistance in recent years, the sanitation workers, difficult people donated more than 100000 yuan. Xiangwan community love supermarket has realized the brand of love, creating a good atmosphere of "love connected, harmonious coexistence" for community residents. After the donation activity, the party members of the company visited the Xiangwan Community Party and Mass service center, and the responsible comrades of the community Party branch had a discussion and exchange of party building work.