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On the occasion of Children's Day, the leaders of the party branch of the company visited the children in Xiangwan Torch Kindergarten in Tianyuan District

Source:Original  Release Time:2021-06-01

         On the afternoon of June 1, the party branch of the company carried out the themed Party Day activities in Xiangwan Torch Kindergarten. Company party branch team members and some party members, Tianyuan District Education Bureau deputy director Ms. Hu LAN, torch kindergarten all teachers and students participated in the activity. The party branch of the company for the children presented children's basketball rack, football, basketball, small ball, hula hoop, rope skipping and other toys and children's favorite snacks, for the children to send holiday wishes and good wishes. During the activity, the head of the party branch of the company was entrusted by the principal to award awards for bodybuilding children, we sang "Me and my motherland" together, the activity ended in laughter.