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Company organizes employees travelling to Mingyue Mountain in Jiangxi province

Source:Original  Release Time:2020-11-19

     The party branch, labor union and administration department of the company organized employees to travel to Mingyue mountain in Jiangxi province on November 13th to 14th.

     According to the schedule, the first stop is Wentang village Yichun Jiangxi, in the Mingyue historic scene area enjoy a large song and dance "the Mingyue ancient ages," the Guozhuang carnival "throwing a ball from color building" "Wen tianxiang select soldier" and dozens of major performing arts and science and technology show, feeling a glamour feast of culture and science and technology, to appreciate the Jiangxi Yichun's long history and folk customs, and stroll in the ancient spring street, looked at the streets of ancient, searching for the different tastes and selenium spring culture.

    The second stop visited the national 5A scenic spot Mingyue Mountain scenic area, we climbed The Mingyue Mountain, took the cable car, walked the Qingyun plank road, passed the Star and moon cave, enjoyed the moon lake, and watched the cloud valley waterfall......Feel the nature of the beautiful scenery also enjoy a very comfortable leisure time.

     Third station came to Pingxiang AnYuan, visited AnYuan memorial of railways and mines workers' movement through a tour of the study, we understand the AnYuan railways and mines of workers' movement and its far-reaching influence, accepted the baptism of a soul and profound patriotism education, deeply understand the important and of the united struggle of Chinese communist party as the core leadership of the Chinese working class's great power...

    Through this travel leisure, it’s not only to relieve the usual work pressure and tension, but also cultivate the sentiment of employees, improve their self-cultivation, and further enrich the entertainment life of employees, enhance the cohesion of the team and work effectiveness.


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