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Rectifier system technical renovation project of Customer Qimingxin aluminum received

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     SichuanQimingxin aluminum co., LTD. 300 ka / 820 v series rectifierpaneland auxiliary system technical transformation and upgrade projectis of our company's general contracting project, a total of 5 sets (ten of the ZHS - 42 kA / 1050 v rectifierpanel) rectifier units and other auxiliary equipment, including on-site investigation, surveying and mapping information, project design, the original rectifierpanels dismantle and auxiliary demolition, new rectifierpanel and auxiliary equipment installation,commissioning, operationstart upand completion data delivery, etc.

    The project adopts the third-generation full digital saturated reactor controller developed by our company, which solves the problems such as poor consistency of control parameters, low accuracy of steadycurrentflow, slow response speed and poor operation stability caused by the original equipment due to its long operation lifetime. The rectifyingpanel is made of high strength aluminum alloy used in aviation, which has the characteristics of high strength, antimagnetic, beautiful appearance, etc. The structure of thepanel is designed rationally, the indexes of mechanical strength, insulation strength, vibration and noise are all better than the industry standard, and the operation reliability of the equipment is greatly improved.

     Because of modificationmust not influence the normal operation of aluminum electrolytic production line, and each time only one set of the work unit could shut down, the other four units needs to keep normal charged running state,work condition isdifficult , the construction demand is high, butby the joint efforts of both sides to overcome the high labor intensity, high temperature, strong magnetic field work environment, project startsmodificationfrom November 2017 to December 2018, completed the technical transformation of all units. Equipment and personal safety accident is 0, effectively ensure the safety of the user's normal production. Since the completion of the last set of transformation, it has been running continuously for more than 18 months. No matter the product quality, performance, technical indicators, or on-site service, it has been unanimously recognized and highly praised bycostomers.


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