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Warmly congratulate the successful production of the zinc project of Minmetals Zhuzhou Smelter Shuikou Mountain Copper lead zinc industrial Base

Release Time:2019-06-26  Source:Original  Views:4960

       Minmetals zhuzhou smelter ShuiKouShan TongQianXin industry base project, is China minmetals realize national reform of the supply side and the development of nonferrous metallurgy industry transformation and upgrading of the overall relocation typical project, is also China's economic and social benefits in the development of fusion integrated project, the project plans to invest 10 billion yuan, will be built 300000 tons of copper + 300000 tons of zinc, 100000 tons of lead industrial landscape. The zinc smelting base of this project is the first in China to build a one-time production capacity of 300,000 tons. Its 16 sets of KHS2*18KA/820V rectifier systems with a single capacity of 36,000kVA are all provided by our company. After the installation and commissioning of technicians for nearly five months, all the rectifying systems have been put into operation smoothly and have been praised by customers for their excellent technicalparameters.

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